Hello, Friends of BBP!

The website is finally finished! Pretty snazzy, isn’t it? The background is just my absolute favourite thing ever.
Anyway! One of the things I had planned for the website was a (mostly) monthly blog update, usually talking about events that happened during the month, or things coming up, or even just things of interest! Of course, I’ll try to keep things informative, yet concise.

The most obvious talking point for this post is, of course, the very successful market we hosted on the 25th of May, with the help of Leliefontein. The live music, the teams Magic event, and all of that delicious food, it was quite simply a hit, both for those attending, as well as the various vendors who showed up to contribute! The highlight of the market had to be when the fire brigade let the children play around with the fire hoses for a while on the last warm day before Winter descends. Nothing like a rainy day to enjoy a board game, right?

Other than that, the start of June also marks two months that the store has been open, and our growth has been steady! More and more players have been showing up for Friday Night Magic, we’re just about ready to begin the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer’s League, while Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh interest is rising to the point where we’re going to have to start having regular events for those – more details to come on that, though!
This concludes the monthly update. Stay warm during the Winter months!


– Fish