Hello, Friends of BBP!

Another month, another chance to share our progress with you all!

It’s been an absolutely wonderful month. With the publicity we received from the market in May, along with our growing ranks of regulars, business just keeps getting better! As soon as the schools return, we’ll be making a hard push for Pokemon as well, so look forward to that.

We had our Magic Open House on Saturday the 29th, an event designed for old players to bring their friends, to teach the new ones how to play. To say that it was a resounding success would be an understatement – new players, both young and old, had themselves a blast, and we got some new regulars as a result of it! The big surprise was just how much of the youth was interested in joining in on Magic, but as long as they have fun, right?

Alongside the success of the Open House came another surprise – this time, in the form of Dungeons & Dragons! The locals have realized our presence, and so they have begun to gather. It’s looking like Sundays will be for rolling dice from now on!

Our growth continues at a steady pace. Soon we’ll be a full-fledged local game store. Our next task: the first ever BBP Midnight Pre-Release. Wish us luck, or come join us in the Core 2020 Pre-Release! 🙂


– Fish