Hello, Friends of BBP!

It’s been a wild few weeks with the lockdown, but the show must go on. First of all: Ikoria!

Pre-release date has been changed – all of the new product, the pre-release event, and actual release date will be launching on May 15. We will be having our usual pre-release schedule (Midnight, Saturday, and Sunday), but there will be some extra things to go alongside it.

First off: you don’t have to stay and play. If you want to have an at-home pre-release, you can either come and grab your kit (and one extra prize support booster!), or even have it couriered to you at a small additional fee.

Secondly: Commander. Specifically, the Commander Dueling events. These will be on Saturday and Sunday. Official prize support for it will still be decided, but there will be prize support. Keep an eye out for the official event for more details!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for now: you all must be going stir crazy from not getting to play. For that exact reason, we’ve decided to run some Arena events, starting with this Friday’s (April 10th) FNM At Home event! In addition to the Arena code (sweet sleeves!), each player who completes the event and claims their code will get entered into a random draw for a sweet prize, redeemable once the store re-opens after lockdown (Friday 17th April, fingers crossed!).

But a random draw? Is that really all? No, of course not – we’ll be running daily tournaments or events online as well leading up to the store’s re-opening! What better reason to come back than to pick up some sweet, sweet prize support? Stay tuned to our social media channels for more details on those!

Speaking of re-opening: that very Friday, we’ll be running a Commander tournament, with Mystery Boosters up for grabs as prize support! More details to come on that soon.

Finally, in closing… Happy Birthday, Battle Bunker Paarl! That’s right, on April 1st, we celebrated officially being open for one whole year! Celebrations were planned, but we’ve had to delay the cupcakes for until we’re open again. Official details on our birthday celebration will come in time, but until then: there will be cupcakes. I accepted no less.

– Fish