Hello, Friends of BBP!

It’s been a busy year, hasn’t it? The entire world may have caught fire, but it keeps on spinning, and so we must continue moving as well!

The first order of business: happy second birthday to us! Despite the state of the world, we managed to not only survive, but even thrive! For the second year in a row though, there was a distinct lack of cupcakes. Third time’s the charm though!

In other big news: we finally moved! With all the delays from COVID finally being overcome, we’ve officially moved into the new building at the entrance. No more driving up the farm road to get to us, we’re officially right by our big sign!

Finally, but certainly not least, we’re finally moving forward with getting back to normal. Graced with a brand new and significantly larger venue, coupled with extra inside seating space, we’ve begun to slowly start hosting events again while observing social distancing and sanitizing. Keep an eye out on Facebook for all of our regular Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Warhammer 40k events starting up again!

Here’s to things slowly getting back to normal… whatever the new normal may be!

– Fish